Sell My Art


Art Start Lab is a digital e-commerce platform, which will help you share and sell your student art.

We’re always looking for young promising talent and would love to feature your unique student artwork to get you noticed and earn some extra moola – Whoohoo!


In order for us to display your artwork, we need your permission to digitise the artwork and display it on our website with the purpose of making a successful sale.

Consignment Agreement

By submitting the form below you are agreeing that the works submitted by you are legally consigned for potential sale.


Our platform commission is 25% which will be added to the agreed amount you wish to sell your artworks for. This will cover our running costs, marketing, website expenses and our commitment to our selection of charitable causes.

Property Ownership

Artworks remain the property of the artist until the artworks have been sold and paid for in full.


The artwork shipping costs are for the purchaser’s own account and are NOT included in the sale price of the item.
Once we have received full payment for the artwork, we will be in touch with the artist and the purchaser to facilitate the shipping or collection of the artwork.